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The HierarchyNode type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBackgroundBrush
Background brush for the particular node, in case BackgroundType set as Brush.
Public propertyBackgroundBrush4Tag
Background brush for the particular node's tag.
Public propertyBackgroundImage
Background image for the particular node, in case BackgroundType set as Image.
Public propertyBackgroundStock
Background template for hierarchy node, in case BackgroundType set as Stock. Default is None.
Public propertyBackgroundType
Background type for the particular node as one of BackgroundType. Default is null.
Public propertyControl
Control or container control associated with the hierarchy node.
Public propertyControlNode
When Control property is set, whether or not to show the node details (photo and text) with the control. Default is false.
Public propertyControlTransparency
Transparecy of Control [0-255], value 0 means full transparency and 255 means opaque. Default is 0.
Public propertyNodeData
Hierarchy node-specific data that can be retrieved later by name.
Public propertyTreeNodes
TreeNode(s) having a specific name or tag.
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