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Add a datatable to the hierarchy of tables. Return a reference to the added table, so that you can add more child tables.

Namespace: UnifoChart.Hierarchy
Assembly: UnifoChart.Hierarchy (in UnifoChart.Hierarchy.dll) Version: (5.1.0)

public HierarchyTable Add(
	string TableName,
	string IdField,
	string ParentIdField,
	string ForeignIdField,
	string TextField,
	string ValueField,
	string WhereCondition,
	string ToolTipField,
	string ImageNameField,
	string UrlField,
	string TagField
public HierarchyTable Add(
	String TableName,
	String IdField,
	String ParentIdField,
	String ForeignIdField,
	String TextField,
	String ValueField,
	String WhereCondition,
	String ToolTipField,
	String ImageNameField,
	String UrlField,
	String TagField


Type: OnlineSystem String
Name of the table. Name is used for tagging the nodes (if specific tag column is not mentioned) and for refering the tables later.
Type: OnlineSystem String
Name of the unigue identification column.
Type: OnlineSystem String
Column that contains values from IdField (If the rows have a parent-child relationship in between; blank otherwise).
Type: OnlineSystem String
Column that contains values from parent table's unique ID column. In other words, where rows of this table is a child of (has a connection of) parent table.
Type: OnlineSystem String
Text to be displayed. Use \n to separate the text into multiple lines. If there are multiple columns of data, separate them with colon(:).
Type: OnlineSystem String
Unique name field; to refer and customize individual nodes.
Type: OnlineSystem String
Any filtering criteria required to enforce on the selected rows; based on column nmaes of the datatable.
Type: OnlineSystem String
Column name that contains the tooltip of the node.
Type: OnlineSystem String
Column that contains photo filename/key/index. You have to set PhotoPath and PhotoSpecification.
Type: OnlineSystem String
Column that contains url to navigate (for web controls only). See also hpDrillDownMode
Type: OnlineSystem String
Column that contain individual node tags. Default is the table name. You can refer the nodes later using Tags property.

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