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The LargeOrganizationSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyChart_Center
Move chart into the centre of chart area. Default is true.
Public propertyChart_MarginSize
Size (horizontal width and vertical height)of chart margin. Default is Height=0, Width=5.
Public propertyChart_ResizeMode
How the chart to be resized, on expand/collapse of nodes. If you need a shortest chart and viewable nodes, set as 'Always'. Set 'None' for stability. Set 'Automatic' to resize if there is chartarea to scroll.
Public propertyChart_SizingMode
Criteria to determine the chart's size. Default is ByNodeSize (the chart will be large enough to accommodate all nodes).
Public propertyNode_Padding
Vertical (height) and horizontal (width) extent of padding for organization chart nodes. Default is Height=10, Width=2.
Public propertyNode_Size
Height and width of organization chart nodes. Actual size is determined by considering Node_Padding too. Default is Height=60, Width=70.
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