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Property collection of Settings for HierarchyWin and HierarchyWeb controls, accessible through HierarchyWin-hpcSettings and HierarchyWeb-hpcSettings property. [h]iearachy [p]roperty [c]ollection of [Settings].
  • Text before first newline character (\\n), in treenode's Text property will be treated as title and rest as chart node's text. See Node_IsDataHasText property to change this. Title_ and Text_ prefixed property formattings are applied.
  • Text in treenode's Tag property (DataItem property in web treenode) will be taken as chart node's tag. Tag_ prefixed property formattings are applied.
Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  UnifoChart.Hierarchy HierarchySettings

Namespace: UnifoChart.Hierarchy
Assembly: UnifoChart.Hierarchy (in UnifoChart.Hierarchy.dll) Version: (5.1.0)

public sealed class HierarchySettings
public final class HierarchySettings
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