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Custom tooltip form. To show a form as tooltip, derive a winform from ToolTipForm and set in HierarchyWin-hpcToolTip.FormToolTip.Form property. Also set HierarchyWin.hpcToolTip.FormToolTip.Show to true. WinForm Only.
Inheritance Hierarchy

System Object
  OnlineSystem MarshalByRefObject
    OnlineSystem.ComponentModel Component
      OnlineSystem.Windows.Forms Control
        OnlineSystem.Windows.Forms ScrollableControl
          OnlineSystem.Windows.Forms ContainerControl
            OnlineSystem.Windows.Forms Form
              UnifoChart.Hierarchy ToolTipForm

Namespace: UnifoChart.Hierarchy
Assembly: UnifoChart.Hierarchy (in UnifoChart.Hierarchy.dll) Version: (5.1.0)

public abstract class ToolTipForm : Form
public abstract class ToolTipForm extends Form
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