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Chart4.NET - Dynamic and Automatic Hierarchy/Organization Chart Control

Welcome to industry's most comprehensive and easy-configurable organization/hierarchy/tree chart control from OnlineUnifosys, that allows .NET developers to quickly build organization chart enabled applications and web pages. It is also useful to create hierarchy-chart based GUI applications. Hierarchy charts with unlimited nodes and levels can be easily created and navigated using automatic subcharts. It is Dynamic (data). It is Automatic (drawing).

What is hierarchy?

Hierarchy is the organizational relationship of items within a group. Groups can be that of people, components of any type of objects, networks or activities. Actually Onlineeverything is hierarchical. Hierarchy charts provide a quick overview of the groups and items together with its details and photos.

What is a hierarchy chart?

Hierarchy chart is a pictorial representation of hierarchy. Chart4.NET provides advanced formatting and easy configuration options to create highly effective organization charts. Hierarchy charts can dynamically obtain data from a wide variety of data sources including database, XML, treeview etc.

Create a hierarchy chart with a single line of code

Eventhough the organization chart control has a lot of customization settings, the default settings are sufficient most of the time. The only necessary part is to specify a treeview control in hpDataTree property or to specify the tree of nodes in hpDataTreeCollection property:

hierarchyWin1.hpDataTree = TreeView1;//System.Windows.Forms.TreeView object

hierarchyWeb1.hpDataTree = TreeView1;//System.Web.UI.WebControls.TreeView object

So it is really simple to get started, and to experiment the customizations.
Download the free Onlinehierarchy-chart designer sample project (no setup required) to experiment with chart control features.

Chart4.NET - Hierarchy Chart Customizations

Default brushes, fonts, layouts etc. are set for the control. If you want, you can change anything of them. There is separate bruhes (color+style/gradient) and fonts for title, text and tag. And there is a lot of optional features which can be enabled or disabled (zoom, preview, subcharts etc.). Please see the screenshots.

Major Features of Chart4.NET Hierarchy Chart Control

  • Winform and Webform controls.
  • Quickly turn TreeView or TreeNodeCollection into Hierarchy Chart.
  • Automatic node positioning with layout options.
  • Expand, Collapse, CollapseLeft, and ExpandRight of nodes.
  • Automatic Subcharts.
  • Multiple datatables and linking of tables.
  • Runtime resizable and movable charts for Winform and Webform.
  • Rich tooltips
  • Zoom (Mousewheel and slider for Winform and Webform) and Preview.
  • Fullscreen view.
  • Drag and drop.
  • Events support.
  • Drilldown and hyperlinking.
  • 3D chart and shaded charts.
  • Chart orientations.
  • Search.
  • Import from XML, any database/DBMS, CSV file, datatable or array.
  • Export chart to different image formats like BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.
  • A lot of customization options for chart and nodes.

  • For feature details and mapping, please see the description below.

    System Requirements:
  • .NET Framework 2.0 and later.
  • Visual Studio 2005 and later.

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    Online Documentation Update:
    Offline documentation in Compiled Help Manual (.chm) format is available with license.

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    OnlineChart4.NET Organization Chart Component 2015
    See more screenshots.


    Major features of the Chart4.NET organization chart control are:

  • Supports winform (HierarchyWin Control) and webform (HierarchyWeb Control) based .NET development.
  • Designer support for customizing the look and feel.
  • Easy specification of chart data - Assign a treeview or provide a database tablename and column names.
  • Import chart data from XML, any database/DBMS, CSV file, datatable or array. You can directly assign a treeview control (winform and webform), to chart it.
  • Import chart data from multiple datatables and linking of tables.
  • Node title and as many lines of hyperlinked text (separated by \n), in the node text property.
  • Sub charts - right click on the expand collapse button to go to subchart and back.
  • Alignment (Horizontal and vertical), margin and formatting for title, text, tag and photo within the node.
  • Auto positioning layouts of chart nodes with as many levels of nodes.
  • Expand and Collapse buttons for nodes, to get a better view of chart-parts.
  • ExpandRight and CollapseLeft buttons for nodes, to get a better view of charts with a large number of nodes and levels.
  • Fullscreen - Toggle fullscreen button.
  • Chart zoom (and initial zoom) and Scrolling (dragging the chart/scrollbar) to see the chart-node in more detail.
  • Preview for easy navigation in the zoomed chart.
  • Rich tooltips - node tooltips (of enlarged node), normal tooltips, transparent tooltips and form (winform) tooltips.
  • Dynamically (run-time) resizable amd movable charts.
  • Wide variety of chart and node events (including text hyperlinks within nodes).
  • Photos for individual nodes, common for each level of nodes, or all nodes of the chart.
  • Focus rectangle and transparent fill focus.
  • Drilldown for the node (web control) and hyperlinking and node items (win control) with custom hyperlink brush.
  • Transparentnodes and different node shapes.
  • Minimum font size and maximum font size for nodes.
  • Drag and drop of nodes with drop to child. Events start and completed contain source and destination node information, and facility to cancel dragdrop accordingly.
  • Custom brush, image and gradient background for chart and nodes.
  • Custom brush, font and color for node title, node text and node tag.
  • Custom formatting and optional settings that can specify for each level of nodes.
  • Three dimensional (3D chart) and shaded charts, with custom depth and angle.
  • Chart orientations for top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, left-to-right, and right-to-left charts.
  • Chart layouts for flexible drawing of nodes.
  • Node connector types.
  • Custom menu (for chart and node), tools-trip and status-strip. WinForm Only.
  • Custom drawing (node) with settings and .NET controls (WinForm Only) for individual nodes.
  • Custom drawing (chart) with access to node (position, size, data) before chart is rendered. WinForm Only.

  • Search in chart nodes.
  • Export chart to different image formats like BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.

  • In addition the webform control (HierarchyWeb class) has:

  • Client side (custom javascript function) and server side (postback) node event support.
  • Automatic drill-down to the specified navigateurl (client side).
  • Rich node tooltips and normal tooltips.
  • Dynamically (client-side) resizable and movable charts.
  • Zoom the chart using mouse wheel or slider. Scrollable chart with initial zoom.

  • NB: All the features are customizable and optional.
    Please visit OnlineUnifosys Charting website for more details.